Professional Development Competency Models

Professional development for the Division will be guided using competency models that will closely follow the ACPA/NASPA Professional Competency Areas for Student Affairs.

The Division of Student Affairs will use these models to inform our design of professional development opportunities and also to assist our staff in mapping their current ability to meet the outcomes listed under each competency area, as well as to develop a plan for growth in particular competency areas.

Each employee, in consultation with their supervisor, will use the competency areas to analyze their own knowledge, skills and attitudes. This analysis forms the basis for development of an annual professional development plan that will include targeted skills and learning outcomes. A variety of methods will be utilized to achieve skill proficiency and will be determined by the employee and the supervisor.

Each staff member within the Division of Student Affairs should explore the competency model and assessment tools that pertain to their position at the University. The competency models and tools for professional staff, support staff and the multicultural/environment can be found below.

Mapping Your Learning Opportunities

The icon beside each of the competencies will assist you in mapping learning opportunities that correspond to your skill development in this competency area. When you see one of the icons beside a calendar event on the professional development calendar, you will know that this training or workshop has learning outcomes that support or relate to one or more competency areas.

Professional Staff Competencies

  •     Advising and Helping
  •       Assessment, Evaluation, and Research (AER)
  •       Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion
  •       Ethical Professional Practice
  •       History, Philosophy, & Values
  •      Human & Organizational Resources
  •       Law, Policy & Governance
  •       Leadership
  •     Personal Foundations
  •     Student Learning & Development


Support Professional Competencies

  • Description: ommunications and Leadership    Communications and Leadership
  • Description: omputers & Technology      Computers & Technology
  • Description: inancial Transactions & Systems     Financial Transactions & Systems
  • Description: igher Education / Student Affairs       Higher Education / Student Affairs
  • Description: uman Resource Processes      Human Resource Processes
  • Description: ffice Management      Office Management
  • Description: ersonal & Professional Effectiveness      Personal & Professional Effectiveness
  • Description: luralism & Inclusion / Diversity      Pluralism & Inclusion / Diversity
  • Description:     Student Development & Engagement

Competency Models and Tools

Professional Staff Competency Model & Self Assessment Tool

Support Professional Competency Model & Self Assessment Tools

Multicultural/Environmental Competency Model