UA Away Scholarships


The Division of Student Affairs rewards undergraduate students who wish to participate in unique learning opportunities to enhance their college experience. The UA Away scholarship initiative is intended for students who want to experience a new culture while serving others, studying a topic of interest, or benefitting from on-the-job training. Through UA Away, students will have the chance to build relationships, explore career options, and become global citizens. In the process, students will learn more about themselves and others as they work together to solve problems. UA Away supports three distinct opportunities which students can choose from:

  1. Work Away: Students receive first-hand experience that increases their marketability to future employers. Participants conduct undergraduate research, participate in cooperative education, serve as interns or consult on team projects.
  2. Serve Away: Students volunteer for service projects, often related to their fields of study, which broaden and deepen their perspectives. They learn to become global citizens through their exposure to new regions and other cultures.
  3. Study Away: Students travel to another country, city, or university to study in their academic fields. The Study Abroad Program and the National Student Exchange Program offer these opportunities.

The Sara J. Finley UA Away Global Leadership Endowed Scholarship specifically supports scholarships for study abroad. Students may apply for both scholarships through the UA Away application.

Support UA Away: Our goal is to raise a $1 million endowment consisting of program-specific scholarship funds and support funds that will enable deserving students to participate in UA Away programs. An endowment of this size will generate $50,000 annually that will be used to enrich the educational experience of our students. For additional information, please contact Alicia Browne, director of information management and external relations for Student Affairs, at 205-348-9291 or email at

Student Affairs will award a limited number UA Away scholarships based on need. Each academic year there are two UA Away scholarship cycles. November 1 is the deadline for all students participating in a spring experience. March 1 is the deadline for students participating in an interim, summer or fall experience.

Please note: All applications will now be electronic.

If you have questions about the UA Away scholarship application process, please contact Student Affairs External Affairs at (205) 348-6275 or

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